BAUHAUS - the specialist for workshop, house and garden

The Original: pioneering spirit leads to success.

You have to take risks if you want to shape the future. BAUHAUS has always known this. That's why our corporate values include a willingness to take risks and pioneering spirit. More than 40 years ago, it was us that brought the do-it-yourself idea to Germany. Anyone looking for tools or construction materials at that time would have to traipse from one specialist shop to another. With an innovative concept, BAUHAUS introduced relaxed shopping under a single roof. Eventually, this pioneering spirit asserted itself throughout Europe and has since found many imitators. As the "Original" BAUHAUS is still one of the best in Europe.

The concept: best selection, top quality, reasonable prices and close at hand.

The basis for a good business idea is a well thought through concept. With its customer-centric specialist range and clearly presented goods BAUHAUS laid the foundation for success. In more than 180 branches in Europe our customers find everything they need for workshop, house and garden in our bright, friendly and easy-to-reach branches. More than 120,000 products in 15 specialist departments and comprehensive services speak a clear language. For us, it is particularly important that the product range is up to date. At BAUHAUS our customers not only find the tried-and-tested BAUHAUS quality products as well as brand products of leading manufacturers, they also find the up-to-minute trends.

The philosophy: with team spirit for more customer proximity.

A good philosophy needs to be implemented with team spirit, creativity and consistency. But above all it needs employees that understand this and bring it to life. That's why at BAUHAUS the customers and employees are at the center of everything we do. From the selection of locations, the range of goods and value for money to quality assurance, advice and service offering we always put our customers first. For us, professionally trained staff and satisfied customers are important. And to make sure things stay that way in future, BAUHAUS favors lean management and a high level of employee qualification. All this makes shopping at BAUHAUS to a retail experience away from mass consumption.


To ensure that only environmentally-friendly wooden products are sold, BAUHAUS has for many years voluntarily undertaken to sell neither uncertified tropical woods nor wooden products from illegal tree-felling areas and instead to only sell wooden products from sustainable forests. BAUHAUS’ suppliers have made the same undertaking. BAUHAUS was and is thus constantly endeavored to do justice to its entrepreneurial responsibility, also in the sense of an environmentally-compatible timber industry.

The range: a selection that speaks for itself.

The product range is the flagship of any company. And BAUHAUS chooses its more than 120.000 quality products with care and deliberation. That's why BAUHAUS branches not only offer a wide range for workshop, house and garden, but also special offers for craftsmen, business and corporate customers. The clear presentation in specialist departments and a mixture of brand products and BAUHAUS quality products help you to choose. Our specialist range is supplemented by a wide service offering from free timber cutting to assembly or the full bathroom service as well as trailer hire and key service.


  • Automobile accessories
  • Building components
  • Construction materials/building chemicals
  • Bathroom display
  • Lifestyle/Creative
  • Hardware
  • Electrical fittings
  • Paint and varnishes
  • Tiles/parquet & laminate flooring
  • Timber
  • Lighting
  • Plumbing
  • Garden center
  • Wallpaper and carpets
  • Tools and machines

For the professional: fast, safe, reliable.

A product range not just for the private customer - for BAUHAUS an important goal. That's why we offer a wide range of products for all skilled craftsmen, tradesmen, caretakers and house builders. The offering tailored to the professional sector is complemented by an attractive service package. BAUHAUS offers special craftsmen counters, extra-large customer loading zones, a 24-hour order service, the supply of large quantities, a delivery service and, of course, purchase on account. This sophisticated offering covers the areas:


  • Construction materials and building chemicals
  • Dry construction and finishing
  • Timber
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical fittings

The BAUHAUS quality concept: shaping the future, building trust.

Trust can only be built on a high standards of quality. That's why we invest a great deal of time in the selection of our products. This is reflected in a select brand range and a large selection of typical BAUHAUS quality products. A product is only included in our range when it meets our high quality standards and price expectations. If we can't find a product of the required quality, we have it made. In this way we gain the trust of customers in the BAUHAUS quality products, thus securing our future success.

The employees: with dedication and knowledge at the service of our customers.

Employees are a company's capital. And we know just how important a qualified and well-trained team and a good work atmosphere are. This guarantees satisfied customers and thus sustainable growth and success. Staff motivation and development are thus one of our top company goals. Every day, more than 12,000 employees throughout Europe ensure with their commitment and initiative that our customers are well advised. Competent, reliable advice is our top priority.

Common future: attractive, flexible and on the cutting edge.

Flexible, open concepts and a rigorous focus on quality are the future. BAUHAUS has clearly recognized this and successfully put it into practice. The more than 180 branches throughout Europe stand for targeted growth that makes both economic and structural sense. The employees in the expansion department are therefore constantly on the look out for suitable locations. Not only in Germany, but with the continuing enlargement of the EU in Europe too. We have our eye not only on land and commercial property, but also on possible takeovers. To the benefit of job seekers, craftsmen and small businesses across Europe.